January 28-29, 2017
Louise McCagg Gallery, Barnard College, New York, NY

Ours: Workshops on Connectivity is a series of peer-led workshops organized by Mira Dayal and Josephine Heston at the Louise McCagg Gallery at Barnard College in 2017. The project was initiated as a space for bringing together people who are interested in discussing and better understanding how we can be “intimate.” Those who participated were free to choose how to define intimacy, and to interpret the workshop theme as they wished.

Participants agreed to work with a partner (with whom they were unfamiliar) over several weeks to develop a set of instructions or guidelines for developing intimacy, which were then used as the basis for a workshop. This communication and workshop plan could take any form, and non-traditional methods of collaboration and instruction were encouraged. In addition, we created a small publication to compile and distribute all the plans.

The workshops that were included are listed below:

Saturday, January 28th

Intimacy Maps
Give and Take
Feedback Loops and Disarmament

Sunday, January 29th

Earnestly Maintain
How to Knit and How to Embroider: A Workshop
Multidimensional Connectivity and Becoming a Conduit for Joy

Workshops were led by Yadira Capaz, Mary Constant, Sophie Fox, Maya Garfinkel, Dominique Jeton Groffman, Shelby Hettler, Issie Ivins, Graham Johnson, Arnold Lee, Ava Ravich, and Caroline Wallis.